Activities of the Unibep Group

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Over the years, the company has created a strong group of companies. Today it comprises:

whose main pillar is residential construction. The company enjoys a strong position, particularly in the Warsaw market. The company also implements projects associated with commercial construction (hotels, office buildings, retail and service buildings).

implementing commercial construction projects – so far in Belarus and Ukraine. For geopolitical reasons, the company suspended its operations in the above markets in early 2022, with a representative office in Ukraine continuing to operate. Currently, only General Contracting, which deals with residential and commercial construction in Poland and abroad, is distinguished in the Unibep S.A. structure

is a new segment focusing on implementing the tenets of the green economy and responding to the needs related to the necessity of transforming the Polish economy towards a zero- and low-carbon model.

The main objective of Unibep S.A. is the implementation of so-called “turnkey” projects, with all the required technology. Unibep S.A. also focuses on selected issues in the field of power construction: water and steam gas-fired boiler plants, thermal waste treatment plants, cogeneration installations based on gas engines and based on gas turbines, hydrogen-fired boilers, modernisation of heat sources and heat accumulators. The company also has ambitions to be a leader in the industrial sector. In this business it focuses on: production plants (including technology), storage halls, waste incineration plants, sewage treatment plants, power plants, combined heat power plants and heating plants, technical buildings for industry and energy, engineering structures for technology and manufacturing, line facilities (pipelines, overpasses, conveyors), steel and reinforced concrete structures.

is a modern unit dealing with comprehensive execution of road works, including utilities and execution of engineering works. The branch has its own road and bridge laboratory and a modern equipment and transport base. It is the leader in road construction in north-eastern Poland.

in north-eastern Poland. Since July 2015, Unibep S.A. has been a sole shareholder in Białystok-based Budrex Sp. z o.o., a highly specialised company that builds bridges, viaducts and road culverts in almost all of Poland.

is a developer with many years of experience and an established position in the residential construction market. It operates in Warsaw, Poznań, Radom and the Tri-City. The company also has experience in the development of commercial areas.

which is one of the largest European companies in the modular construction industry, successfully used in Europe. The company is a pioneer on the Polish market in the production of modern timber-frame modular buildings. These structures are used in many investment projects, from multi-family and office buildings to strip malls, hotels and public buildings. The key market is Norway.

Financial results

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For all information on the management approach to financial matters, please refer to the adopted accounting policies described in detail in the Financial Statements for 2021 in Section 2.

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Direct economic value generated (revenue) and distributed (operating expenses, wages and salaries, payments to investors and the State, social investment)

Direct economic value in 2021 Data from the organisation in PLN thousand
A Total revenue 1,739,099
B Operating expenses 1,552,537
B Wages and salaries and employee benefits 207,977
B Payments to investors (dividend) 9,644
B Payments to the State (taxes) 19,339
B Social investments (donations and investments for the benefit of society) 476
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Total monetary value of financial assistance received by the organisation from the government during the reporting period, including: Data from the organisation
tax relief and tax credits
subsidies 1,572,354
investment grants, research and development grants and other relevant types of grants
periods exempt from the payment of royalties
financial assistance from public credit institutions
financial incentives
other financial benefits received or receivable from the State in respect of any activity
TOTAL: 1,572,354

The indicator takes into account subsidies from both the government budget and the European Union.

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